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Help, Is she interested in me?


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Hi, i'm new here but i've always been around the forums. I'm in need of some advice about this girl i met...


So i was introduced to this girl ("Lisa") a little over two weeks ago through a mutual friend. We had a great time that night, lots of jokes and no awkward moments. I waited about 5 days to call her but when I did we ended talking for about 4 hours. The next night my friend setup a double date with the girl he was talking to at the time which happens to be "lisa's" cousin. It was a nice friendly dinner. I waited about 4 days to call her and then we spoke on the phone for about 5 hours. Then I called her 2 days after and we spoke again on the phone for a few hours and setup our first date.


I met with her in the city (San Francisco) and we just walked around for a bit, had dinner and watched a movie. It was great, we were both laughing and having a great time, I was definitely feeling a connection. At the end of the night, i dropped her off in front of her building, she gave me a hug and a small kiss on the cheek. This date took place about 2 days ago and im getting scared...


I'm starting to fall for her but i don't know if she has mutual feelings? I say this because I have always been the one to call her, she hasn't ever really called me. I find myself trying to plan out the days and times to call her to make sure im not seeming overly interested or available. I just don't want to start to REALLY like her and just end up entering friend territory. I'm scared of this because that happened the last time I met a girl I really liked. This time im really trying to give "Lisa" her space but im afraid it might make her feel like im just trying to be friends.


Is it just me falling head over heels for her to soon? Does she like me? Should any of this even matter in the span of the two weeks Ive known her?


Thanks so much everyone ...its probably wayyy to much to read ](*,)

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She definitely likes you. Your dinner and a movie outing seems to pretty clearly have been a date; I don't think you're in danger of landing in the dreaded "friend zone".


I sometimes worry about falling for a new girl too fast also, but if you really like here, you're pretty much powerless to stop how you feel. So I wouldn't worry about that either.


Look at the signs: she went on a double-date with you when she could have said no. Then she went on a one-on-one date with you when she could have said no. From your description it went really well and you shouldn't worry about anything.


Give her a call and set up another date! Sounds like it's going really well and there's no reason why that shouldn't continue!

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Thanks for the response Victors. I'll probably call her tomorrow or Monday and ask her out on another date. The only thing that gets to me is that I always reach out to call her and its never the other way. Maybe she is like that and I have to adjust or she doesn't want to seem overly interested but it would be nice to have her calling me here and there.

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Before I get to the question I want to say that five days was way too long to wait to call after that first meeting. stick to that 2 to 3 day rule.


In response to what you said about her not calling you, I wouldn't worry too much about that. Most girls don't call the guys even if they are interested. It tends to be the guys that are expected to call the girls. Now if you called and left a message or something and she never called back, that would be cause for worry.

It sounds like you two are hitting it off pretty well. Having fun, laughing, all that jazz. The fact that you two are able to talk so much is a good thing. It shows that you two can relate.

You have just cause for fearing the "friend zone". As I read this I get the impression that it may be a possible outcome in your particular situation. I'm getting the impression you've played a little bit too nice, to slowly. Although you've only been on one arranged date between the two of you, you've technically had 3 situations to advance the relationship. The "hug and kiss on the cheek" is an action that is open to interpretation. She could feel a strong friendship with you, or she could feel an attraction to you and want to take things slowly.

I would go for another date. I like that you're confident that you two have chemistry and I like that you two have been able to talk to eachother for hours per phone call/date. All these are signs of interest. Although you have a fear of blowing this chance I would try to take a little more initiative on the next date. I'm not saying to go all out in trying to get in bed with her, but I would advise that you start using a little more physical contact and less good boy methods of winning her over. I'm afraid you might lose her if you play it too nice.


I know I'm assuming a lot, but I'm only basing it off of what you've told me. I hope my assumptions are correct and that i've helped a little bit. I feel where you're coming from and I don't want you to fall into the friend hole, because once you're in you might not come out. I'm gonna keep an eye out incase you tell us when the next date is

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I happen to be in a similar situation though I waited the typical 2-3 days after meeting this girl. We've met two times. During both meetings there was some strong conversational chemistry, etc. The second time (Friday) did the typical date stuff. And I'm having to remind myself that in the big scheme of things we've only been out twice and despite some good conversation, that's all there is. Still when you dig someone it's not realistic to force yourself to feel less. Just don't act like you're feeling that way.


To paraphrase Han Solo "Look interested but don't *look* like you're interested. I don't know, fly casual."


That you went out at night for a dinner and movie alone indicates she's interested to some degree. Unless you're in school or in a club/common activity group, stuff like that doesn't happen unless there's romantic potential. Also the hugs plus a kiss on the cheek - women usually won't go that far with a stranger unless there's some attraction.

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