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Her Texas. Me California.

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We knew each other when I was in 8th grade and she in HS. We rode the same bus, but never said a word until last year when she found me on facebook. Since then, we're still at it.


It's been a year. I want her to move here, but it seems to be a problem now... back then she would move, she was talking about movie, looking forward to moving, and now she's all "Um... my family.. my friends.. let's just wait and see."


That's the thing.. I don't want to wait and see. I can understand family and friends, but hello.. me.. I'm here.. it's kinda frustrating. More than a couple times she let me down when I thought she was practically moving. Now she's making it all.. well, you know the black and whites? She's making it gray.


She needs time... time, I understand, but the thing is I don't want it to be a wait-n-see anymore. I want to plan things and put action to it. I work for the state here, in California. She works some office job in Texas. I have a HUGE family here. She has a small one and they're like everywhere. She has some friends here in California, I don't know anyone there. I feel like home here. She used to live in California. I just.. it's frustrating. I LOVE HER AND I WANT HER HERE.


I'm thinking of putting my foot down. I don't wanna play waiting games anymore. I already communicated that I AM READY for the next step. I AM SERIOUS. Would it seem so wrong if I "enforce" her in making a decision? I think ONE MORE YEAR is just a reasonable amount of time before she can move here. I don't wanna make her choose... her family or me. She wants BOTH, but it doesn't work that way. It can't..


Any ideas....? Suggestions? Tips?

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Cmdes- I dont think enforcing would be a great way of approaching this situation. If she is hesitant and wants to give it time, then let her know there is only so much time you will give her... Let her know you are only doing this cuz you love her and want her out there but you cant wait around for her forever!! Make her realize you are worth it... If things dont go as planned, then your heart will later tell you what to do but for now, be patient with her, as moving to a whole other state is kinda scary!

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