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My GF left me because of what i did to her :(


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hi there...

i just realised why she just left me.

My GF left me because i dumped her in the past.

And i was very mean.

I think she is afraid of getting hurt again.

She still has feelings for me, that's for sure.

And she told me she would come back to me if ever her fears went away.

I need to re-establish a sense of security, show her i care.


she phoned me even after we broke up... it shows she has feelings for me.

she still blames me for what i did to her over 6 months ago...

We are perfect together... well we were...

I love her sooo much.

What can i do to get her back?

I know i should not be intruisive; I will not call her all the time...

I'll be sending text messages every few days to show i still care...

it's more personnal than an email, but not as intruisive as a phone call.

what do you think?

how to rebuild the trust?

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I think your plan of action you mentioned sounds pretty good. Give her space but dont break off contact entirely. Telling her how much you still care for her probabvly would be a good thing, but don't drowned her with it. It seems as if she still cares for you. Just be patient thats probably the most important thing and like you said dont be intrusive. hopefully it will all work out in the end.

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