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Either my brain is fried or...


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I apologize for the very long-winded post ahead, please bear with me here:



About six months ago I moved about seventy miles out of my hometown for employment with a certain cable company. This was due mostly to the fact that my home town isn't so great for the job market side of things.


I absolutely loathe this town. Its much larger and uglier then I am accustomed to. These people seem to live and breathe sports while their rust belt of a city is falling down around their ears. I loathe living with my (ex?)girlfriend in her friends condo and dealing with her issues. At the start of the relationship she was giving a whole lot more then I was which in turn has been resulting in conflict due to money and effort in the relationship. When I moved and to this day I am still in significant debt which I am slowly paying down. She tells me that I am fiscally irresponsible because I never have any money, yet she doesn't seem to grasp the idea that having 1/8 of your paycheck left every single time leaves very little room for recreational spending.


Basically it breaks down to the fact that she wants to go out and do stuff and I simply don't have enough money to go along with what she thinks a relationship should entail financially.


This is compounded both at home and while at work with my problems grasping even simple concepts or "listening." (We all know that women equate not listening to not caring) Sometimes I have to have something read back or explained to me a good six times before I even remotely begin to grasp the concept.


My frontal lobe feels sort of like driving a car along at night when suddenly you run into an unexpected patch of fog and your visability drops to near zero. I can seriously stand and try to ponder the solution to a simple problem for a solid half hour and get nowhere. It's like a really congested intersection of (often useless) thoughts up there and traffic is piled up at a 24/7 rush hour from hell.


At the end of the day it leaves me feeling really unintelligent and frustrated.


I can't really tell what happened to start this problem but I can tell you that both lithium and prozac (I really hoped they would of at least helped with the depression) have done nothing to fix the problem and considering that I seem to have the attention span of a gnat that's on speed I was considering going to be tested for ADHD and perhaps put on something close to ritalin to see if it would restore some sort of focus.


Any ideas?

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Well, the ugly town, and girlfriend calling you fiscally irresponsible has got to be a burden.


As for your brain operating way too slowly, I don't know... I know that ADHD can be caused by bad dietary patterns (like fluxuating blood sugar levels) But you having trouble thinking though any problems... I don't know. Do you have any brain damage or anything?


I can only imagine how frustrating that must be. Why else are you depressed?

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A psychiatrist could point you out the chemical reaction in your brain and counter that imbalance with medicine but from what you say, I have the impression that taking medicine would be like taking a poison pill with an antitoxin pill.


I think that you pointed it out yourself: your problem is associated with the new changes. It may be because of the air your breathe that's less high in oxygen or that contains a certain product that negatively affects your brain, or it could simply be a psychological reaction due to stress, or both.


First, I would advice you to go out more with your girlfriend to do simple activities like walking, rollerblading, biking, etc. It would 1st: cut into the prices, 2nd: help your body to stabilize with its difficulty to concentrate, 3nd: force you to be creative with your girlfriend and proove that your relationship is worth it.


Then, if that doesn't work, the best may be to look for a job back into a town where you'll feel more at home.

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