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Clearing my Facebook friends list


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Ok, so over the past 2 years I have added and accepted quite a few friends on Facebook (about 130 of them).


Now I want to clear out the friends that I do not message or keep in contact with. They are just on my list because I knew them at some stage in my life. There are some who if I saw them in the street, they probably wouldn't say hi to me.


What criteria's do you have for having people on your list? What determines whether they stay or go? Help!!!


Thanks in advance...

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i've done this before, i don't like having people i never talk to on my facebook.


i see:

- if they really are my friends

- if i like them

- if i would need them for something later on (for e.g., if they are in my class)

- or if i don't mind them being on my list.


it's all up to you what you use to judge them on this. if you would rather not have them have access to your account then you could delete those people. but for the iffy ones, keeping them on your list or not is all your choice.

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I clean my friend list once in awhile, and I think it's definitely ok to delete someone if you're not actually friends in real life or wouldn't acknowledge them in person.

The people I usually delete are the ones I accepted as a friend after a party but have never seen again, old classmates that I worked on projects with but never talk now, or someone turning out to be rather annoying ( i.e. frequently posting items, sending messages, and/or sharing info that that goes against my beliefs/values).

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It really bothers me when people who are strangers to me, in all other aspects besides my facebook buddy list, have access to my personal info. What if I went through a break-up and had to change my relationship status, would I want to broadcast that to the world? That made me think and clear out my friends list. Decide who you want to have access to private information or what is going on in your life. Facebook can ge personal and noisy people can be in your business easily. Hope that helps!

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This is why ive made my profile to where only i can add people.


i was tired of people from school adding me and me barely knowing them. I did have a lot of friendships in high school. I played a lot of sports so i was always meeting new people but now, if i send you a few comments, messages and you cant get back to me, then what was the purpose of adding me. common now, I already have plenty of friends, i dont need people adding me for no reason. And mine is personal, its not for business.If your not going to even communicate with me once in a while, then i have no problem deleted you.

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