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i really really need help


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I just came out of the bathroom from using a #18 IV needle and I just got extremely upset when someone didn't get the message that I wanted to take a shower and hurried me out, even though they, my M-I-law and my husband, have no clue. I really really want to kill myself. I'm a veteran with severe deppression and PTSD but I don't dare ask for help because nobody even imagines what I was planning. I'm a christian and I got really upset because I always say God is never late, but for the first time in a long time I got upset that he used my MIL to let me know he was there and knew.


I don't want to be located, but sometimes I believe that other than my family, I am a rock in the shoe for everyone. EVERYONE!


Why do I keep helping others but it bothers other to help me.


I'm stupid, I know.


I don't know why I ended up in this website writing this




someone somewhere must care, I know


si alguien habla español y es un pastor, por favor ayudenme. yo se lo que Dios dice sobre el suicidio, pero estoy que hiervo de furia porque Dios uso a mi suegra para sacarme del baño. solo queria desangrarme, sin importar cuanto tiempo tomara...

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I care, and I don't think you're just an annoyance to everyone.


I have a little sister who used to suffer from PTSD, and she was a cutter, and very suicidal. We are also a christian family. Why does it bother people to help you? What do you mean by that?


I helped my sister intensively for months, and it took patience, but I love her, and I've very glad that I did, and that she is still alive. I love her. There are people out there who want you alive, and would be glad to do whatever to help you with this.


Have you considered therapy?

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God was sending you a message that you belong here. On this earth. Alive. I care about you, we all do, and want you to live your life the best possible way. I have friends who wanted to kill themselfes, cut themselfs, because they thought that no one cared. Believe me, there are people that care about you: Your Friends. Your Family. And Your eNotAlone Family. . . .

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