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Has anyone ever found that you made some of the same choices you parents made relationship-wise?

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Just thought this was an interesting question to discuss. Take me for example. My last gf had the exact same career as my mom, and when we were together and my dad found out what she did for a living he said: "oh jeeze, haven't you learned anything from me?" Needless to say my parents are divorced and it was a rather messy divorce for them. So has anyone ever made some of the same choices as their parents when choosing a partner, and either regretted it or found that it was a good decision to make?

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yes i'm currently engaged to my father- lol


my fiance is ironically very much like my father- some of it is good but some of it is bad because i had a very turmoltuous relationship with my father...


but the interesting thing is that through my relationship with my fiance i'm making peace with my past and learning where i went wrong in the relationship with my dad- i'm no longer a victim...but i'm realizing that i was an active participant.

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MY ex-girlfriend did exactly what her mother did, but at a younger age.


Her mother got married nd just felt like she wasnt getting as much support as she needed but was too shy/submissive to talk about it and really bring it up and she started hanging with another guy for a while and eventually led to divorce.


Due to her mothers advice, my girlfriend started doing the same thing to me and because "she isnt married" it was ok for her to cheat... weird stuff, but I should have seen it coming because people typically act like their parents

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My mom got married to a guy (not my dad) when she was in her early 20's. The relationship eventually became very abusive, so she left and they got divorced after a short time. Then she got a new job, met my dad at work and have been together ever since (almost 30 years)


I got married when I was 21, he then got abusive so I left and we got divorced. Now I am living with a wonderful guy I met at work. We're not to the marriage point yet, but there are some eerie similiarities.

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