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The breakup came out of nowhere!


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My girl dumped me because she cheated on me with her ex (over the phone). I forgave her the first time. A few weeks later she told me it accidently happened again and that she had to leave me because of it. Again i told her that i forgive her and that we can work it out, but she choose not to and ended the relationship. No matter what i say to her i cant seem to get her back. im getting help now on how to get her, and was told to leave her alone for a while. easier said than done. so i called her and told her i wont have any more contact with her at all. shes seemed really sad about it over the phone, but i had to do it. i was supposed to see her on her birthday and maybe take a vacation together. im REALLY hurt by this breakup. shes really a good girl and shes going through some family issues, which makes it worse for me. i was wondering if i should try to get her back, as i want to be back with her. we all make mistakes.



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she'll only go back if she wants to go- leave her alone - you are better off moving on...


you don't see that now because you are full of a lot of feelings but down the road- you'll see it differently.


she cheated on you- thats a really lousy thing to do- and she did it 2x... she's actually do you a favor!


I see what you're saying. the thing is she left him for me as she heard from numerous people that he has many girls he messes around with behind her back. she said theres no way she'll ever get bak with him. and that if she was to get with some1 it would be me. i guess shes leaving loopholes. i'll wait it out and see what happens, as i see that the relationship can be saved, i just have to stay positive. if it doesn't work then i move on.

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How do you "accidentally" cheat a 2nd time?


Yea you have a point there, and it passed through my mind a few times. (shes sexually active) (no excuse though). i hate it happened and eventho it was just over the phone and not physical i guess i forgave her the second time. we talked about it and she told me she still have love for him but not in love with him and that he makes her unhappy, and she sees no future with him. shes now gonna stop all communications with him. so im gonna see how that work out. if it somehow happens again if we were to get back together then yea i'll let her go.

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