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Wasn't sure how to title this thread so short and sweet.


The other night me and my SO had one of those impromptu sexual sessions, you know where you lay down in bed and kiss good night then wind up having nasty rough sloppy sex (good times).


We had been going at it for a good half hour and it was LATE 3am or so and we both had to go to sleep and we were going to make this a quicky. I could not climax, and wound up just going limp but we were both still incredibly aroused. So she rolled me on my back and started giving me oral.


Now here is the deal. Usually after we have been having sex for a while if I go down on her the taste is a little bitter (not horrible but just a little bitter) and she is kinda self-conscious and usually tries to stop me from doing it because she thinks it will taste bad ( i have no idea why).


But that night she was really really wet and I was well I had her all over me(was fun) and she just went down on me like it was not a problem.


so I asked her about why she sometimes tries to stop me from going down on her but she has no prob with her going down on me right after or during sex. She said that she likes the way she tastes and that it is sweet tasting to her.


I didnt care either way it felt freaking amazing and we both came REAL hard.


Now here is the question and what I am curious about. You know how people say you cant smell your own breath, is this the same type of thing. Because it is her body fluids does it taste different to her?


One positive thing out of this she was unaware that if she went down on me after we had been having sex for a bit that it felt soooo damned good to me. The change from vagina to mouth is such a difference in feelings that it does feel REALLY REALLY good and she says that she will do it more often.


So ladies and gentlemen what is your thoughts on my question above and have you ever experienced this?

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I don’t mind doing it before, after or during. My boyfriend and I had sex in the car the other night, and midway (while playing with positions) I went down on him (granted we used a condom...) but the taste of the condom went away after a few seconds… and then it was all him…and I was surprised-first time he came for me while I was doing it and I actually enjoyed it… I was always so worried that guys would taste bad when they cum. Lol


Anyways. I’m his first, “bed wise” and we were talking about sex…I was telling him about another topic I was replying to. He then prompt and asked me what I thought about oral. He wanted to know if I would mind if he went down on me, and was soo worried that he wouldn’t do a good job… So I basically, being highly open about sex, gave him some tips…and warned him that some guys just don’t like the taste of a girl as well (because, let’s be honest…some people have more sensitive taste buds).


I mean, if he doesn’t like it, I wouldn’t want him to do it again. We’re not having sex just for the pleasure…but because we love being so close and intimate with each other…


But yes. I agree that other people are going to find a taste different from others. To me, it doesn’t really have a taste (but that’s just me…) or if it dose, it’s not like something I would want to “eat out” on a daily basis. Haha.

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To Meepmeep: Romance isn't all about dinner & coffee.


To the OP: To be honest, I'd feel the same way with my ex. If he wanted to go down on me in the middle of the session, I'd feel a bit self-conscious cuz I knew it wouldn't taste as "fresh" as it did when we first started lol However, I wouldn't mind going down on him & tasting myself.

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hmm, yeah i am always self-conscious about how i taste, too. but i don't mind going down on a guy after sex, and it never tastes bad to me... so does that mean it won't taste terrible to him, either? lol.




The thought of taste rarely even enters my mind...

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The women I have been with never seem to mind giving a little surprise oral after some intercourse. They never seem to finish the job, but they darn sure don't mind their own taste.


I like to do the same thing to women. One girl I was with would arch pretty high up in the air as she would have an orgasm and I would lose contact with her body in missionary. So one time I just supported her in one motion and started doing oral on her in mid air when she arched really high. It was tons of fun and she really liked the sensation as she was having an orgasm. Timing the switch just right adds all kinds of fun momentum.


The only thing I worry about from my standpoint is being sweaty. If I have been having sex with a girl for a good 20-30 minutes and sweat mixed, going down on her will likely taste salty and not so good b/c I'd be tasting my own sweat. That is the only thing I am kind of careful to avoid. There is a good reason to keep the room temperature right at 69

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