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i have a girlfriend for a first time, im 20 and she is my first,. when she said yes to me,. that was the happiest day of my life coz i never expect that coz, if you were to ask me , this girl is i think the most beautifull woman in our office ,.and probably the most beautifull i've known,. and thats why im am proud to ave her,.

but i have an experience about her that somewhat affected my trust in her, before the time she said yes to me,. she didn't told me that she dating with her first boyfriend, they broke up before she got her second boyfriend for two years and broke up again and here i am ,. the third on the row,.

from the time of our first month as bf's she kept this secret to me, that inspite that we have already our relationship on she still dates her exboyfriend ,. whn i call her mobile she tells me that she is with her friends and that they are watching movies,. one time i noticed that when i called her cellphone,. and it took me the whole day to make her answer it she told me that she cant hear the phone rings coz,, she is inside the moviehouse,. with her friend , but really she is with her ex,.from that time i already felt that there is something fishy going on,.

but i never confronted her ,. i just kept that feeling for i dont have enough proof,. but i believe on my instinct's when we reach our third month i told her stories,. relating to what she had done and later,. confessed the truth about that she had fooled me once,. but i have no regrets,.

i stil believe in her,. only that i cannot trust her like before, and i know that she stopped that foolishness already,. according to he she done that coz she is still dont know to whom she will be happy and who she will choose between her ex that keeps on coming back or me,. luckily she choses me, and im so overwhelemed by that,. inspite of what she have done,. i still loved her even more,.. and i never have regrets about what she have done, I completely forget everything and start all over again,.

also she confessed that she is no longer virgin,. she gave her virginity to he second boyfriend bcoz she thought its her destiny ,. but she admit that she was wrong on that,.but thats not a big deal with me whats moreimportant to me is the true feeling of love and respect and trust,.

but that experience still clings on my thoughts even now,. we are going on our sixth month,.. any tips or advice?

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The past is in the past. You need to be able to accept that if you want your relationship to work out.


The issue about her lying to you and pretty much cheating on you when you first started going out would be a bigger issue for me personally. That decision on her part says that she doesn't respect you enough to be true to you. I hope you get that part of your relationship resolved before you decide to move further with her.

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That's good advice.


I agree that the past should be left as it is. Look ahead to the future with your girlfriend instead. We have to come to terms with the past in one sense. We cannot change the past, no matter what we do. So it is wise to let it rest.


I wish you the best for your relationship. May there be better days ahead!

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