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What Clothing do you like, both on yourself and the people you find attractive?


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ok i have got into abit of a rut..opened my wardrobe and was like 'so this is it?'


What clothes do people like to wear or like seeing?


I keep seeing Mercedes drivers wearing this cool shirt with a black suit/coat thing on...wouldn't mind somthing like that but don't know where to start..maybe the local Mercedes garage


See alot of girls wearing Ugg boots and black tights.. and beads..( i love girls who wear beads lol) also those flower day dresses are amazing..


wow i sound superficial...



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Hahaha, doesn't really matter mate!


Just go for whatever you like.


That being said...

Personally, Im more into the high end prep styles. So Im typically wearing designer jeans with a nice undershirt and a lacoste or ralph lauren polo on my casual days. Muscle shirts can also be nice since I work out. When I feel like dressing it up a bit more, I'll switch out the polo for a nice dress shirt (no, not the kind you wear with suits, more the kinds you would get from Ruehl)... Sometimes sporting a blazer on top of that.

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I think the more colour the better especially now its getting to spring time shorts flip flops and a nice T-Shirt cant go wrong


oh defo..


Tie-Dye shirts are nice i've made a few which are nice to wear out and about =)


just want to look abit more pro when i go to london lol

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Well, the girls I find attractive tend to have on nothing but a smile


Since all of my time is spent on campus Ive come to appreciate a girl who wears a t-shirt and either jeans or shorts.


As far as what guys wear, well I dont pay much attention to them unless they ask me a question. I wear a polo and * * * * ies shorts

polo: link removed


shorts removed[/i]. * * * * link removed


this is generally what I wear ever day, usually the tan shorts with different color shirts. I seem to like blue polos and the maroon A&M polos. Other than that I just have my basketball clothes. I never really needed to "dress up"


EDIT: ok it censored the brand name. I give up lol

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Pretty open-ended question here... style is a personal thing. Good general rules for looking good: stuff that fits well and colors/shapes that flatter you. Dark jeans are nice... but if you aren't skinny... don't go for the skinny jeans, ya know?


I work in an office setting myself, so I tend to wear a lot of nice pants and heels, cute blouses, suits. I like mixing neutrals and one or two bright colors with a nice necklace. I also wear glasses.


Casual.... dark levis, tight sweaters, layered shirts, heels, boots, etc... shorts, skirts, dresses soon

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i'm at the age (21) where dressing professional would be overkill yet dressing highschool-ish would look pretty dumb. i have no idea what to call my dressing but i would say it's somewhere in between casual dressing with interesting pieces. i don't dress over the top because i can't pull it off. i'm not highly into fashion, but i love style. i don't ever dress revealing. i don't dress with the ugg boots and black tights and big shirts....nor do i have the "ugly" style that's popular these days....my dressing also changes from day to day but it's still something i'm comfortable in. i may have grey dress pants on with a feminine top. i can't dress too professional with a dress shirt and dress pants. but i also dress down, i wear sweats.


in short my dressing is casual with a bit of an edge but nothing that catches much attention, ever.


something like this minus the sandals and the glasses link removed


as for guys....as long as he isn't too thuggish, nor dress like a pretty boy, gino, hipster, marilyn manson, or kanye west, i will probably be okay with it. he doesn't have to look like a businessman but i would never go for a guy who looks disheveled.


that's my take on it

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i loveeeee guys in sweats. i have no idea why. and school uniform (white dress shirt with blue dress pants ) are sexy when it's done in a rebellious kinda way (unbuttoned at the top when schools out)


Used to kinda like this, but as I've gotten older it is more and more of a turn-off. Just feels sloppy... Think maybe taste can change with age I guess?


I tend to to be a sucker for sharply dressed men nowadays... not overly fashionable at all... but who can show that they at least know how to do laundry and iron if need be and pick out decent shoes and a shirt or a suit haha

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Me too. I like a guy in shirt and tie, or even just a nice golf shirt and khakis. Doesn't need the full fledged suit, sometimes guys look a little too much like they are playing "dress up" because they are uncomfortable in the suit or don't have one tailored to fit well.

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