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oral between friends


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Hey, so, for the past two years my best friend (of 8 years) and I have been "touching innappropriately." We have only kissed once, but almost everytime I see him, we... touch.


I love him to death, but not in a relationship kind of way. I don't want to date him and I know he doesn't want to date me. Lately I've been thinking about maybe giving him head. I have never done it before, but neither of us had really done anything before.


I am not a virgin, but he is. We talk about this stuff all the time jokingly. Does anyone have any tips? Does anyone think this is a bad idea? help is much appreciated.

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Depends whether you think it will ruin the friendship. It could blossom into something more, who knows.


I have something similar going with a friend, though I've only known her for about 2 years. Neither of us actually want a relationship with the other, but we occasionally sleep together (and do stuff) just for the heck of it. I can safely say it hasn't affected our friendship, but then again, we're not that great friends.

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If you are good friends it will definitely change the relationship. It could make it more serious or it could ruin it. Seriously consider what the possible results could be and what you want to risk losing or gaining before you do anything.

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Why exactly do you want to do this? Sounds more like when two kindergarten kids are curious about their sexuality and "play doctor". The two of you are friends and adults..if you "play doctor" you might end up with a friendship that is no longer the same. You are already touching each other...now you want to take it to the next step...blow job...of course it won't stop there....you will want oral sex from him....then it might progress to actual intercourse, because he will probably want to experiment and lose his virginity so that he will become an "expert" for another woman who he is really interested in down the road. By starting the touchy feelies with him, you are on the slippery slope down. This will likely ultimately turn into an FWB where he will use it to gain experience. One of you might end up getting emotionally hooked once the physical intimacy increases..the other might not. Unless you are both interested in a relationship with each other I would not go down this road...because ultimately you may end up with no friendship.

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If your comfortable with it, actually take a day to yourself to consider this, then there's nothing wrong with it. I have some close friends, whom I'm comfortable doing stuff like this with. As long as you can control it (ie- not turning a friendship/fwb into a sexual relationship), it's fine.

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yea, we're always sober. we don't really tell people we're doing anything either. A few of my female friends at college know, but as far as I know, he hasn't told anyone. That's probably a bad thing.


My biggest problem with giving him a blow job is that I've never done it before and I don't want to be bad. He's never had one though so I feel like he's my best bet,

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Well the only prob I see here is that he is a virgin, and you are not in a relationship and you have said that you don't want to be in a relationship with him.


Does he know this and if he does and he agrees are you SURE that he has no feelings of wanting to be in a relationship with you. This is important. Some people would agree and say he doesnt want to be in a relationship if he thought that it would interfere with what is going on right now when in fact he/she does have feelings for you and is hoping it will develop into something else.


That and sex and sexual acts tend to have a way of interfering with friendships. If you do this with him there is a chance that things will not be the same between you two. If you do this you have to make absolutly sure that there are no underlying feelings between you two.


Now from what I have read there is something between you two. If you and him are already fooling around it sounds to me like there is more than just friendship there. To me it seems as there is an underlying attraction there just waiting to get out. Maybe look at the "Friendship" you have with him a bit closer and you might just find that you want more than friends with him.


Hope this helps

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