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How do you start moving on when you know it's not going to work?


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I don't know what to do with myself. I just came to the realization that I won't/don't want to be with him. Too much stuff has happened, there's too much pain, too much fighting. But how do you start to let go after the decision is made?


I've always had the tendency to run back to my ex's eventually, I always forget how bad it was and start thinking and missing the good times. the only way I've been able to refrain from doing so is when the ex moved out of state.


I don't want to be alone It's scary.

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You need to start focusing on yourself. You're too preoccupied with the thought of being alone. It seems as though you would rather settle with what you have than to be alone - that's unhealthy. If you are in a relationship, you need to be with someone who makes you happy, not miserable. By constantly going back to your ex boyfriends, you are just prolonging the inevitable. I suggest making a list of all the reasons why you guys broke up in the first place, and look at it each time you start to miss the old times. Please stop wasting your time and his time, because you could actually be with someone who is worth your while. You don't necessarily need a man to make you feel happy, you need to first love yourself, before you can love another.

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