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situation has me going crazy...even had a dream. please HELP! what do i do?


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both in college. we have been "talking" for monthhss now. we use to hangout every weeked, just talking and hanging out with eachother. his ex girlfriend as of january who cheated on him really left him with a bad impression. anyway, he does not want a relationship now..we have talked about it. he has kissed me before though. my thing is that i think baout him all the time.. we have no hung out for a whle now because his sport season started and he has no time. anyway..im wondering if the feeligns are still there for me...or no more? i cant jst flat out ask him that!!??


i had a DREAAM the other night..so did my best friend. the dream was that this guy asked me out. me and my best friends dream was almost the same dream. she had another one last night ttoo.. i dont know what to do..


this whole situation is haunting me even in my dreams. he cannot have a relationship for a while..because he is getting surgery and has 2 do rehab so he said he needs to focus on that and does not want to commit to a relationship if he cant give it ihis all understandable.


thank youu! any advice works!! does anyone understnad what im talking about?!


any advicee?

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I think when he says he's not ready for a relationship you should take it for what it is. He's being honest, he was burned. And honestly, I wouldn't wanna start a relationship with someone who wasn't ready and burned from their last relationship. Bad news there.


I'd just let time take it's course on this one.

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