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online dating first emails to girls.. Help


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Hi I'm a single 26 year old guy and looking to find a partner I have recently been on dates of which I have met girls in clubs and bars and things but after dating them have found them not right for me, I am also a very shy guy so it's not so easy for me.


I have started trying this online dating but become stumped on how to start converstaion with them, I see the same girls keep looking at my profile and I want to write too them but I want to make a good first impression I don't want to send them a sort of generic email anyone can write ie "you look nice how are you?"


These girls i would like to write don't seem to reveal much about themselves on there profile, so any Ideas on what i should say to them?

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"You've got a pretty face, but your profile says almost nothing about you. I'd really consider giving it a serious and personal update if I were you... unless you're just looking for physical connections on here."


Then she'll most likely get offended and write back angry. The point is, you now have her attention. If you're creative, you can sometimes turn the conversation positive after a couple notes.


But honestly, the girls that don't really put anything about themselves are use to not having to try. So if you actually want to nudge them into putting forth some effort, you better show you're worth it right off the bat.

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tell them they look nice and that they really intrigued you

make it sound as if they not just caught your eye but an interest in there person

so ask about them to tell them somehting about themselves

so that there less of a mystery


keep it short and sweet

just point out that there nice,your intrested,and want to know more


you dont need to say anything unique,

best thing is to show a genuine interest

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I'm going to have to disagree with not needing anything unique and with sticking to generic messages. According to link removed, some women receive over 100 messages/day. That's not the norm of course, but there are a few that attract that much attention. And there are many more that still receive 10 or 20 or 30 messages a day.


Now, if you send a generic and genuine message, just like the other 20 guys, what do you think your chances of getting a response back will be? These women have lives... they're not customer service and they can't answer every well-written and nice message. So you really *do* need to be creative and stand out.

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No no no to generic messages!! Say something that shows me you read my profile (point out an interest, tv show, etc I said; don't just comment on my picture b/c then I'll ignore you for not reading the profile & just seeing the pics).


Also, clear & coherent sentences are best. Based on your op in here, you seem to skip out on punctuation--if I can't decipher where one sentence ends & the next begins, then I am a lot less likely to write back.


Maybe a short few sentences saying what about me was interesting (not the pictures) & something abotu yourself is best. Generic messages suck. You have to make yourself stand out.


Also make sure your profile is detailed & filled out. If you skipped a whole lot of things to write, what will intrigue me to write you back? How will I know what we have in common? So yeah, that's what I have to offer!

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