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Just came back from a trip to visit a woman (we didn't stay together -- I have other friends in her town) who initially stated that she had communication issues (I have a thread here about it in the LDR forum) and although she was great over Text/IM/Phone when it actually happened, when I got to her town to visit, she was very shy -- visibly shy (body language was a dead giveaway). We ended up making out later (with the help of a little alcohol) but the next day she was just as shy as the day before! I asked her about it and she admitted that she was very nervous and that's understandable the first night but after things get intimate? That's where I'm lost....


Well, I'm not known for my patience and my lack of it was beginning to show. I told her that we should just be friends the third day we went out (to take any pressure off) but that I still really liked her and was very attracted to her. She loosened up after a little while but we ended up drinking way too much again and she ended up being hung over and generally sick for the last two days I was there (kinda suspicious about the second day -- probably more nerves). She did see me the last night I was there but it was more of just a goodbye talk/hug/kiss thing. We did talk about the weekend but she was resistant to talking about feelings (not her thing she says)...


My question is this: Should I pursue it any further? If so, how can I proceed? I do like her a lot (she is very smart -- a big thing for me) but I feel like my impatience may have caused some damage. She has some major childhood issues that she shared with me (by accident -- alcohol again) which shed some light on the why but is there a way for me to keep things going --- even long distance??




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