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Is it ok to enjoy being alone most of the time?

Roselio Giron

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nowadays, I just despise being at home, like I would always have to come up with an excuse to leave the house for an hour or two. My mother and father often drive me crazy, and they don't really seem to believe what everyone else believes in these days. Right now, I'm just dying to get out of the house and drive around for hours, because it's the only time when I'm actually happy or content. But my mother oftens scolds me for wasting gas (I have a job, so I have the money for it anyway), and thinks I need to stay at home every minute. I don't want to follow through with that, I'm just not sure why she always wants me home 24/7. I try to come up with every excuse possible just to get out of this craziness, and be happy for a little bit. I hate having to do everything at home: studying, homework, and even eating (there's far too many disturbances at my house to do any of those things) so i find excuses to go out and do them. My parents hardly ever listen to me, and when I try to give them a proper explanation, they have a knack of twisting my words around, feeling as if they're the victim. Like right now, my mother won't let me go out (for the whole gas reason), and the hell in this house drives me crazy (children running around and tv's blaring). Doesn't she understand that I just like being alone?


I don't know if this is making sense. What can I do?


*I'm a community college student taking 21 credit hours, and I work a weekend-only job and I'm also involved several activities such as Student Government, Band, and HALO. Whenever I do have time, I want to spend it alone. She also contradicts herself (saying I should do as much as I can).

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NOt at all. As much as i love socializing i probably enjoy my alone time just as much, maybe even a tad more.


To be honest, i think it says something positive about a person who doesn't have to be around people all the tmie for entertainment. I think people who can't be alone just lack the creativity to entertain themselves and perhaps don't find themselves very interesting.

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I have two roomates who tend to stay home most of the time. There are a lot of times when I need my alone time and will go for a drive, shopping, eating, or to the library. I agree with Jadedstar, I believe being able to be alone with yourself is very important.

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Of course. It's perfectly normal to want/like to be alone sweetie. You do have the right to fight for it, ya know? And with all those credits hours and activities you're doing, being alone is practically a NECESSITY. If you want to be alone, just ask them. If they twist your words again, keep asking. They're bound to give in eventually....they can't keep control of you forever, especially if you plan on transferring to a University. It's always a good thing to want Independence; parents just have a hard time believing that. -_0

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