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Since my long-term relationship ended, I've only had first dates -- always just drinks, and I was never interested enough to proceed past that -- so I don't even know what normal people do on dates. I blame my ex: he never wanted to do anything besides going out to eat and watching movies at home.


A couple of days ago, I went on what seemed like my first _good_ first date, which entailed a couple of drinks over the course of about four hours and ended with a kiss when he walked me home. It was nice, but I don't really want to repeat it all on the second date -- so unoriginal.


We barely know each other (met online), so I'd like there to be a fair amount of talking...but I'm also afraid that there might be awkward silences, especially since we covered all the basic get-to-know-you topics on the first date. Also, since I'm not 100% sure that I'm attracted to this new guy, I would like there to be an opportunity to somehow test if we have any chemistry -- so I don't think something like a lunch date would do the trick.


Ideas are much appreciated!

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