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Grief over lost son

All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You
All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You

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I posted on this scenario around a month ago. Just a quick run-down.


The person i am dating suddenly bought her 5 year old son home from interstate around a month ago. In this time, i became very close to him, taking him to school, picking him up etc. We all lived together for around 3 weeks.


Anyway, he went back to his interstate home yesterday. It was a tough decision as both my partner and myself realised that we might not have the resources to look after him long term (lack of extended family support, if she lost her job she would be screwed etc).


It was really sad as he really wants to live with my partner, his 'birth mum', but we just don't think she can do it. He cried about going home several times yesterday: on the way to the airport, on the plane etc.


I left them at the airport and returned home on my own. On my way home, i felt this sudden emptiness, like my little buddy was not going to be there to greet me when i got home. I had got used to him and spending most of my spare time with him, parenting him until his mother got home from work.


I cried when i got home, i just really miss him. I know it was only 3-4 weeks, but we had become close in that time.


Apparently he was happy to see his other 'mum' when he arrived home interstate. His other mum is worried that he will have tantrums and miss his birth mum though, but my partner and i have to encourage him to stay at his interstate home as there is far more opportunity for him there.


Anyway, just had to vent. Feeling a bit of grief over this loss. I think my partner is going to get him over the holidays which will be good.

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