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Asking them out, the best method.

My Advice

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So now that I am about to start dating again, I perceive I lack clarity on one thing, what is the best way you can go about phrasing it.

You meet somebody, you think they might be potential dating material. You decide to ask them out.



"Hey, would you like to go out some time?"


"Would you like to have lunch sometime?"


What's the preferred manner of asking?


Also, what do you think the single WORST thing you can do when you go about asking, or presenting yourself just before asking? I presume squeezing your package while asking them is one of them. What's another 'more common' mistake?

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The best way to do it would be to say "we should do blah blah next blah blah". If you say "would you like to" then you're asking for permission. But saying "we should" exudes confidence and giving a date also adds to that and in a way "makes them" make time for you.

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Hey, I am also back into this dating thing (after 4 years of being in a relationship, and 4 months broken up)... Some suggestions I'd give are:


Don't hang up without asking her out. It'll make so much harder for you to call again.


I agree with the suggestion of making a conversation first. Make sure she knows who you are. If there was some joke or some line you used when you got her phone, use it because it'll remind her of why did she gave you the number (unless it was a really awkward situation). Try to do some short small talk, but don't let it get too long if it's on the phone because you might lose track, and then you might not be able to ask her out. And calling her again gets much harder (trust me on this).


I disagree with the above posts about being general. I mean... make sure you have a date set and a couple of alternates, plus you know your schedule for the next two weeks... But, when asking her ask her out in general "do you want to get a coffee sometime?"... that'll reduce her chances of saying "i'm busy that day" which leads to a very awkward situation with you trying saying "what about this day? and that day?". If she says yes, then suggest the day you have in mind and then listen to what she has to say and try to be flexible. But don't sound like you have no plan in mind, because it'll be bad for you.

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