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Talked out of an affair...thank you


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I'm in a relationship that needs alot of work. Actually, my life is extremely complicated and I even convinced myself that it would be okay to have an affair. I actually justified it in my mind by saying I needed a distraction from my life. I went as far as chatting online with a married woman in the same boat, but we ended up talking eachother out of having an affair together. I have since deleted all of the dating site accounts, and deleted the email address that I used for chatting.


To make a long story short, because of this website, I was able to read about other peoples negative experiances with cheating and affairs. This website helped me make the right decision not to cheat and to work out my issues and take steps to improve my life.


Thank you to all that posted your experiances. You have saved me from making a terrible mistake and saved me from hurting my SO. She means the world to me, whether we stay together or not.

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I'm really glad to hear this. You don't want to trade one set of problems for a whole other set of problems. Focus on addressing the issues in your current relationship. It will take all of your energy to do that so at least give it a try.

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You went to the edge of the precipice and caught yourself. Not many are selfless enough to do so. I applaud you, many wish they had your foresight and can only remember back to the moment of truth, wishing they had made the alternative choice.


I doff my hat to you sir

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Thank you everyone for your kind words. It feels good to make the right decision. I don't know if my SO and I will stay together, but I am making an honest effort to deal with things properly. I've always known that affairs and cheating were wrong, but for some reason, that knowledge wasn't enough. I will start to post some of the issues that lead up to my almost having an affair in the near future in hopes that it may help someone else. Thank you again.

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