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I keep having these dreams about my ex. In the dreams he is with other women and it hurts so bad. When I wake up I am in so much pain and agony.. I feel like I want to make love..to him. Like I miss him sexually so much. I feel angry that whenever I try to call him he either ignores my calls or he hangs up in my face like I'm the worse person in the world. I have only been on no contact for 2 days but it feels like longer. We have been broken up now for 13 days... I feel sexual. I feel so weird inside. I feel alone. How after 7 years can he just forget about me and drop me like I am trash, I feel so disposable. Its so odd the way I feel. I never wanted things to end this way. I know we fought a lot but he was like my best friend and he just ripped himself out of my life.

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The reason you're having these dreams about him & other women is because you're feeling deprived of the attention you want from him.


I think it would help if you stopped calling him & attempting to contact him. The fact that he's ignoring you & not responding to your needs is causing you to become frustrated & build up further anger, which you can't release out on him...so it manifests in your dreams.


You need to accept what has happened & come to terms with it all. Once you find peace & let go of all the negativity, the bad dreams will stop.

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What's the point of calling him? What do you hope to accomplish by talking to him? Accuse him of sleeping w/ a girl after you broke up? Apologize but not really mean it? What's your purpose?


Coco, again I will tell you people heal differently. He may be "acting like you're disposable" by not taking your calls but maybe he's just trying to heal & this is how he's doing it. Let him have that & you work on yourself.


As for the dreams. I still have dreams about my ex, usually where he's having sex w/ someone else & I'm trying to stop him but he can't hear me. They're just dreams though. They hurt b/c you're picturing something you don't want to but they're just dreams. Mine usually happen the day I've looked at his facebook page. Know what makes them not happen? Not looking at his page. If you don't want them to happen, train your mind to not contact him or look at his FB or myspace or voicemail or phone number or pics of him. It works.

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Hey OP...

I remember replying to your other post recently...


I hope you've been getting some rest, sleeping better, eating better?


Anyway keep strong, there are tons of us who thought we couldn't get through it but we did. You can too =)

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Yeah to a degree love is unconditional, if someone doesn't love you enough to help you when you're down but rather uses it as an excuse to get away from you then they both probably aren't right for you, and deep down they're probably not a very caring, sharing and good person

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