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I am so tired of trying to get a custody agreement in place between me and my ex. He has been yelling at me for monthes to get the papers sent to him and last week finally me and my lawyer got the papers sent out (it took so long because my ex lives out of province) , but now when my ex is served the papers he's mad because he got served. He also all of a sudden is going off about how I am emotionally unstable and he going to prove it in court and have the children taken away from me( this is typical him.........always with the threats........even though he is the one who has the crimainal record). I finally get away from thi abusive guy and it just feels never ending, I know he is just trying to wear me down until I just give up. I know I should just stop talking to him, but its hard because of the children............they miss him and want to talk to him, but I don't want them talking to him without being able to hear what he is saying to him. RIght now I am at a point that that I feel like I can't win for losing. I don't want my children to stop seeing there father at all............but I do not want them to grow up being a couple of wife beaters either...........grrrrrrrrrr.........I just want it all over and done with, so that I have legal papers to back me up........so that if the children go visit him and he steps out of line or if he fails to have someone supervise the visits or starts drinking again, I can step and grab the children. Its all so frustrating. Just constantly worrying about what is best for my children.....what is best for me.............its driving me up the wall.

well thanks for letting me vent


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