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Ascending from break-up Hell ...

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Dear ENA friends,


Well, the time I feared would never come is here. My heart is healed (GF of 2.5yrs walked on me last August) and the time spent in break-up Hell has made me a better man and person. Like everyone else, I suffered like a dog and clung to NC with my fingernails on those darkest of nights. I cried, I screamed, I drank an ocean of booze, ... and I thought this would never end. But end it does.


To those of you just descending into your own personal break-up hell I offer the following encouragement: you will not perish in the fires, approached properly this is a profound opportunity to learn about yourself and become true to who you are, and the ascension (yes it does come) is filled with joy and a whole new faith in love in all its forms. I know this may sound like the most remote thing in the world in your present state - but, trust me, if you honor this process you are going to come out a new and better you.


I am dating again and have met lots of great women. I have not found the next One and am in no rush as I am really enjoying all the new people/experiences in my life. I am in the best shape of my life having returned to fitness with a vengeance and working out has become almost spiritual. Plus it sure beats the bottle as a form of coping. I am completely re-engaged at work and am fully present in my life.


My ex has tried to reach me several times by phone and text - I remained steadfast NC because I knew I did not have the strength to interact with her. I eventually ran into her with my new friend and took some satisfaction in her shock and inability to speak. I loved her. I do not love her. I wish her nothing but love, health and happiness but she can be damn sure that will never be in association with me as she walked on me/us and that door only gets opened and closed once. Nomistae.


Finally, I just want to say a simple thank you to my fellow members of ENA. You were a source of wisdom and inspiration on many a dark night. Thank you from the bottom of my no longer broken heart. Signing off - Deckard.

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