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he is seeing someone else but still texts me...is he playing me?

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we were seeing eachother and he broke it off with me. so i didnt text him for a month. then i thought i'd see how he is and he told me he is seeing someone else.


and i asked if he wanted to meet up,told him i don't want him to be my boyfriend,just miss him and want to see him. he told me he couldn't because he is too busy.


so i didn't write back,just thought its time to get over it but then on saturday,2 days later he texts me and asks me if i am going to the nightclub where we met and used to meet up every week when we were seeing eachother


.he told me he just wanted to know who was going because the girl he is "seeing" is working.

do you think he wanted something from me because he couldn't get it from her and thats why he texted...


thats what everyone i know seems to think

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...and so do i.


Isn't it funny how they always contact you when you've decided to get over them? It's as if they have some kind of "male intuition" that informs them when you're ready to get over them. Ignore him chocolate....he's told you that he's seeing someone else. He also said he's calling because he wants to know who's going to the nightclub and because his gf is working. Nothing more. Listen to him. Men often begin telling the truth after they are over you. Often times women are the ones who will interpret this information to suit themselves thereby giving themselves an exuse to do what they want to do. Believe me i've made the mistake of spending time with an ex when he has blatantly told me he's seeing someone else and i got hurt big time.Don't see him again Chocolate....you will get hurt.

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