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what should i do


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evrything was fine until a month ago. i was doing awesome at college,i study design-interior,product and graphic getting top grades and i had a steady job really great,working with autistic children,good income coming in,going to gym,spending time with friends ect.


But then i had health difficulties,for the last month i been in and out of hospital and now thats sorted and my health is fine now. The thing is,i react a certain way when i have problems. I shut myself away form the world and dnt tell anyone anything,i didnt even tell my family i was going to hospital,having minor surgery ect.


After all that,and it beign my own fault i didnt tell anyone, i got really depressed because i felt so alone and struggled through the whoel hospital thing alone as well as being heartbroken with my bf . So i recently was prescribed diezepam and temezepam because the experience left me in such a state. As well as worryign about college.


I didnt tell anyone at college or work and just stopped attending all together. Now im way behind with college work pretty much at the point where its near impossible to complete my coursework for june. And im pretty sure i will get fired soon if i dont talk to someone at my work.


I just have this thing about telling people face to face whats going on with me. So i hide instead. I really want to get back to college and work because the last month i have just been a shadow of myself. But for soem reason i ahve this pure shame or guilt about the dissapearing act i did and im finding it hard to take the firststep back into college and even just phone my work today. I dnt know if i just got some inner resistance,or i guess i just dnt want to be confronted by my tutors and boss and having to deal with what there gonna say to me. Terriefied im going to get thrown out of college and lose my job if i dnt act soon....theres soemthing wrong with me thats stopping me

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The best thing you can do now is talk to your professors and supervisers and let them know what's wrong. Get a letter from the doctor who prescribed the meds if necessary. They aren't inhuman and I imagine they'll be willing to put you back on track if you're willing to work.


In other words, you have to flip the bird to this "internal resistance" and go talk to these people. Like, yesterday. Don't let this apprehension knock you out of school and work.


Best of luck.



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