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Why do friends try to put their SO negative behaviour on you?


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Has anyone else noticed this or is just me? I will give some examples:


My friend paid for his GF cell phone bill. He just blew it off it as it was all fine. I had mentioned that money is a little tight this month. I go and buy a chocolate bar and he snapped "You say money is tight, but you go and waste on it chocolate bar, and wonder you never have any money."


Few months a go another friend broke up with BF. He was texting, calling her, showing up at her house. We had plans to go see show, I called her once, another friend call her another time. We thought we would just stop by the house and see if she still wanted to go. Get to the door "Why are you guys stalking me?"


and the list could go on.


I understand clearly that these are issues they are having with their SO. So take them up with them, don't try to put them on your friends, cause you to afraid to fight with your SO.

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