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Blue Balls

maggot 9

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Today i was with my girlfriend, things started to get to pretty hot and there was some rubbing and dry humping. Unfortunately, after she left i found myself almost incapacitated because of a shooting pain from my testicles, also known as Blue Balls. I was hoping that some of you wonderful people would share some of your wisdom and tell me how to get rid of it.

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I've always wondered about this with my bf's... how stimulated to you need to be for blue balls to happen? How often does this happen to the average guy?


I was under the impression that it is pretty rare, and the guy pretty much was deprived from release a number of times over a long period of time.

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Ahh... that sucks, been there done that... most people have... either you tell her, so she'll do something about it... or if that's not an option you tell her no more of that because it leaves you in pain.


for the time being... I'm not sure of cures besides rubbing it out... I've heard of cold shower, but I'm not so sure if that really works or not. Even rubbing it out can still leave your balls hurting for the remainder of the night sometimes...

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Okay I am sure this will work.


First you need to get a hole punch. Then you take the skin between your thumb and index finger and put into the hole punch and squeeze as hard as you can until a round piece of skin pops out. Now this will hurt like hell but you will forget all about your balls! LOL Just kidding don't really do it........


The pain does not always go away after you masturbate for some reason. I think having a woman involved does something to our bodies (chemical, hormonal) that releases the tension. Your gun has had it's hammer pulled back to far and she needs to pull the trigger.


good luck



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i dont understand.. I have never had "blue balls" EVER.. and I was under the impression it was just a myth to get girls to fool around with a guy when he got horny and she was hesitant about fooling around with him.... and I've been HIGHLY stimulated without release.... and I've never had an issue... besides sexual frustration... but thats not physically painful....

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