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I've shared enough lows...time for the highs!

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I figure I’ve shared enough of the lows lately, I ought to contribute the highs as well...



DAMN, I feel good today! Haven’t had a drink the last 2 nights, haven’t smoked as much, and haven’t thought about my ex as much. I dreamt about her last night, but it didn’t affect me for once! It’s a gorgeous, sunny day, and I feel ALIVE!!! I’m going to reschedule plans to visit my folks tonight to tomorrow night, and after work I’m going to go to the park and shoot some baskets - something I haven’t done in years. And what the heck...I think I'm going to clean my place tonight! Me...clean my place? lol. I don't live in a dump, I take care of it, but what's come over me?! Maybe it’s the coffee or the Excedrin talking, but I feel so up right now.


Even though it’s only 2 days in, this has been the best week I’ve had so far since the breakup. I don’t think I felt this good even when I was in the early stages with my ex. I’m sure I’ll have my downs again, but no time for that now. I just want to go to my boss right now and ask for the rest of the day off, but I have to work.


I’ve had the help of some wonderful people here - you all know who you are I truly appreciate this and never thought I’d come this far. A month ago I wished I were dead to just have a way out of the misery I felt. Not suicidal, just wished I was dead. Now I feel so good.


And I’m horny!!! I haven’t been naturally horny since before the breakup! I was beginning to think I was sexually screwed (no pun intended) after the games my ex played. NOW - I want to have sex with every girl I see. I’m not gonna partake, I’m just glad I’m coming back to my old self!


Sorry if that last paragrpah was TMI If I could feel like this every single day, I could be living in a cardboard box and not care. I wish life had some sort of “record” button so I could play this back over and over again.

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So happy for you!! I've been having better days too. The sun helps you feel so much happier doesn't it? It's sunny and 70 F today! I get really sluggish during the winter without sun and warmth haha.


Keep doing what you're doing, go out and enjoy the day! I might go shoot some hoops too if the court isn't completely hogged. Just if you fall back on another bad day, try to remember how you felt today and know that things are turning around!

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