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Fertility specialists


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Thanks for the info. I have a 6 year old daughter from ym first marriage, and my wife had some sort of blood test done that said that she did indeed have the 'follicles' for egg production. The concern I guess is that we've tried for about 6 months and she is 38, so she is a littel concerned of the clock ticking.

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they will probably request a sperm sample to test whether there are any sperm motility problems, and if you both check out clean with no obvious problems they will either request more tests for her (as in checking to see if her fallopian tubes are blocked) or give you the first level of fertility pills for your wife to take to stimulate ovulation.

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I'm in the process of seeing one now. For starters, break out the check book!! It's a costly adventure and the experience as a whole can be very frustrating...all of which is worth it if you are holding a little piece of heaven in your arms when it's all over.


On your first visits, your doc will get your histories, probably do some blood work and suggest some tests for each of you to determine why you haven't had success. After that, you get a game plan. There are quite a few fertility options out there.


You won't leave with a prescription for fertility pills, I do know that, because certain tests will be required before that will be prescribed. That's kinda what I hoped for when I first started.


I'm 40, so I completely understand your wife's anxiety. She's a little better off than I am!! Best of luck to you both!!

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