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Did anyone take a break from a relationship... and got back together?


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My story is complicated. I was with my SO for 3 years until he decided that he was too stressed out to handle a relationship with me so we were on and off. It went on for about 3 breakups and I had enough. I went no contact with him for one month, and limited contact for the next 3 - 4 months. He contacted me, but I did not initiate contact. About 6 months later, we got back together and have been together for about 4 months.


The truth: From an outsiders perspective, I'm an idiot for accepting him in my life again. From my perspective, I am so darn happy and feel much more independent compared to before the break-up.


It's all very confusing.

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the one time i went on a break it was never officially a break as we still stayed together and saw each other, but the whole thing of mentioning a break to begin with should have been a warning sign it was going downhill. it fell apart within the next month.


not to scare you but that's just my experience. everyone's is different, but obviously there is something that needs to be worked on seriously if that is what it comes to.

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