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I feel like I'm in an abusive toxic work setting!


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I posted about this some on the career thread.


I am starting to feel really lousy about myself and depressed. In a way I'm starting to feel honeslty like a battered woman..

you know how the batterer doesn't want anyone to know he's beating us his woman...

well, i started this new job...I thought it would be a good fit as it was a clerical job, no heavy lifting and I've had some injuries that prevent me from doing just that.


The pay is NOT good, but I was hired right away by this company.. They said they needed workers badly. The first day, the boss has us doign all these crazy things. lining up to see who's the shortest and tallest worker...

Then we had to get in a circle and the tallest guy stood next to me.. well, we were all talking and he said something he thought was funny, and hits me REALLY HARD on the arm!~


I was like so shocked... I didn't really know what to do.. but my arm started to hurt me right away! I see now.. over a week later, I still got a black and blue mark where that tall guy hit me on the arm at work!!

well, he certainly did it on purpose.. He's much younger than me, and that in itself is pretty disrespectful, I think as I don't know the guy, and I'm a girl!


The boss also told us he was going to be nice to us at first..then get more stern with us. I thought the boss was a jerk at first... and now I'm just starting to despise him in general!!

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Well, the first or 2nd day.. the boss tell us that if we are not paying attention in the initial first few weeks, he's going to start throwing things at us!!


I'm thinking.. okay.. surely he's kidding, but this guy sure doesn't seem to care if we get hurt on this job.. in an office setting or not!


Today, We were about to take a break.. when I started out the door, and this big girl comes over and steps on my foot while she's heading out the door!! I'm wearing these little high heeled shoes.. open toed and she's got on these big steady shoes, and it hurt my foot so bad, I had to stop and rub my foot..


She didn't even bother to say i'm sorry or anything. I told the boss this happened to me.. I was a little late coming back from the break, but my foot was killing me and it was hard to walk on it..

He started to yell at me in front of everyone in the office.. and it was humiliating!

Later I went up to tell him, I'd been stepped on and I was disabled anyway, that's why it took me so long to get back on time from the break!

Well, the girl who stepped on me, is like one of his favorite workers, even though she's very inconsiderate, not only to me, but other peopel in the office!


The guy who hit me on the arm.. also. one of his favorites!!


Then the next night.. he all had us punch out of work.. and then insisted we go look at something in the stockroom!! Of course, since we clocked out, we were NOT getting paid to do that. It took at least 15 minutes to check out the supplies int he stockroom!

i couldn't believe he'd insist we clock out before that....


I mean, this guy is weird & so offensive acting!


I don't know what to do.. I don't have another job lined up, or i'd quit in heartbeat, but I'm being heckled by other people in the office too.


Just weird stuff, they say & do to me.

I could go talk to the human resources dept.. but who's to say, they are going to believe me...

I'm thinking I could call them, instead of wasting my time going in there after work ends....


I don't want to end up injured on their workplace anymore.. My arm is hurting me so bad, I cannot even stand to touch it where the guy hit me..

I got a black & blue mark where he hit me!

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And this is what gets me so angry and upset.


I went and talked to the head of the co. and told him que pasa.. He acted like it was NO big deal!


Now, he's planing on telling the guy who smacked me that I've told him all this!!


I'm so upset!! Talking about throwing me under the bus!!! The damn guy thought it was perfectly OKAY that the guy hit me! He kept saying that he was only doing it in JEST!

So what??? he had no right to be touching me in the 1st place, let alone hitting me!

I told everyone I know this is happeneing.. i even called the local magistrate, gave him his name, license plate number..


Hopefully I'll be back on here tonite to say I'm safe, but I'm freaking out!!

I'm really SCARED to go to work... it's funny cuz he claimed i was being obnoxious at work, but didn't say how...

but now I've been hit and hurt, it's OKAY to tell the perps that I'm telling the boss they hit me!


Last nite, when I left for work, this girl in our group.. was like right on my back bumper for a short while I was driving home!! WTH! What is WITH these people..


Never apply to this company! They are supposed to be taking calls from banks and such.. the police told me that there's alot of ppl working at this co with criminal backgrounds!!!

No wonder I get the willies when I walk into the place! yeah.. I certainly could see half the women in this class in some women's prison at some point. Some of them are PRETTY rough!!

wish me luck.. dumn * * * * head honcho.. he said he would talk to the people who hit me and get THEIR story!


What an idiot! why don't you just call the cops and have them fired!! What a screwed up mess this place is!!!

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You don't say which country you're in, or what employment protection laws are in place - but the behaviour of the other staff at this place is really bizarre, and someone hitting you like that is assault.


Go and get legal advice as soon as you can, and document any incidents. If you've got bruises as a result of being manhandled by your colleagues, take photographs of them. I know the employment situation is difficult right now, but you don't have to endure this sort of thing!

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And yes, it IS bizarre and abusive.. they were doing some kind of exercise yesterday in classed involved in throwing things around the classroom!~


My god.. I thought for sure i'd be hit at any moment! I wish this was a happier experience for me. the Job itself i'm sure i'd be a good fit for... and with the economy being what it is, i'm worried about putting food on the table for my family now!!!


This is the most messed up, security challenged place I've ever worked ever.. what they would allow a big guy to hit a woman is totally beyond me!

especially since the majority of the place ARE women!!!

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