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what should i do to fix things in this situation


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i was not in a relationship with this girl. we did go out a few times and would see eachother alot because we are from the same group of freinds.


well after we met and saw eachother a few times with firends i asked her out, we only ended up going out alone once. the night didnt go great, i wouldent say it went bad tho... she told me she had a good time so i felt fine about it.. after that it didnt seem right tho. she started taking very long to get back to my text messages and calls. so then i slowed down a bit but still kept in touch. i ended up texting her to ask her what she was doing around a week later and she never got back. keep in mind before this we would text almost everyday. so i figured a combo of her responding very slow and then not even answering me she wasnt interested. fine... i figured ill leave it alone and see what happens if i run into her agin.


its been around 2 weeks or more and i havent run into her or spoke to her.

i feel like maybe i should try and contact her to see what happened? at the same time she did come off as not wanted to have anything to do with me so maybe i should just forget it.


at this point i rather just try to be friends with her at leas then have this weird thing go on between us... any advice?

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