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Sexual compliments


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I dont know how to take this. But this guy (who I am sleeping with) told me several times the other day, how incredible I was, and how I can give him the best climax he ever had! I mean honestly, I felt like he was putting me on a pedestal and I was quite taken aback. I am somewhat older, and probably more experienced than girls his age (He is 30) What do you think? I mean, guys dont usually say things like this, do they? its a pretty outrageous compliment!

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Just take it for what it is unless he gives you red flags or reasons to believe you shouldn't trust him when he says that (such as... do you think he says that to ALL the women he sleeps with?). Sounds like he's just pretty smitten with you (which is good, right?)


I'm seeing someone right now who recently told me he thinks I'm the most attractive girl he's met... which is a pretty big compliment as well, and basically made me turn pink and floored me, but such things are completely in the eyes of the beholder. Take the compliment gracefully, enjoy the admiration, and give due attention back.

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