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Trying to write an intro on myself


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Hi all, new to the forums and also online dating. Thought I would give it a try as I need experience sooner rather than later as it's not been a priority in my life until now.

I'm trying to write a Bio/description of well...me. Any suggestions on what content should be in it? Short and sweet or more descriptive? I didn't realise how hard it is to talk about myself.

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Go through and look at the men's profiles and see what sorts of things you find that are similar between them. Then don't write about any of those things. Make yours original and don't hesitate to put some energy and creativity into it.


Remember that you're not trying to attract lots of women, but you're trying to attract one in particular that fits you. So write like you're only writing to her and no one else.

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Avoid boring cliches that are in everyone elses profiles. For examples, don't say "I love having fun", or "I like to make people laugh", and "I live life to the fullest". These are all stupid generic sayings that really saying nothing about you. Who doesn't like to have fun or make people laugh? Write about what makes you unique and why a women should spend more time getting to know you. Show them your personality by how you write your profile, not with a bunch of cliched lines.


As for the length, keep it somewhere in the middle. You want it long enough to give women a taste of your personality, but not too long that you sound full of yourself or lose their attention. A really great unique profile is very important if you are serious. Most of the guys that I did not bother responding to is because their profile was horribly lacking anything worth replying to.

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