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I really need advice: How to stop dreaming and start doing?!


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Hi everyone.hope u r well..

I have a serious problem and i really need your advice/experience/stories to help me start doing and stop dreaming..


I have been dreaming and planning all my goals for a year and a half now. I have extensive detailed lists about what i want to achieve; what things i need to buy, my ideal body, new car, clothes, new skills i want to learn, etc etc.. I have great things planned.


But the thing is, i havent been able to get a job in this time. So i have alot of time on my hands. All i seem to do now is excessively plan and dream about my goals. I procrastinate alot now. And i worry and get restless about my goals, because i havent taken even an inch towards them in the last year and a half. I need a job desperately. I am starting to feel overwhelmed and i think ive suffering from some form of OCD (obsessive complusive disorder) now.


I am working on getting a job. But my main problem with all of this is: I just cant get that extra kick to start working towards my goals. I dont even attempt to exercise. I just find huge mental blocks in my mind where i simply cannot do anything. I just have to sit around on my computer and type, type, blog, blog.. I really really hate it. I havent gone for a walk in a basically a year. Whenever i feel a bit of spirit, to get up and do something, i forget about that productive idea. And the next thing i know, two weeks has gone by. Time is going incredibly quickly. And all i do is download more and more resources, and e-books about self improvement and skill learning, vocab, learning new languages..etc etc..


Every night when i go to bed (around 4am) i lay there thinking about how amazing i will be in the future. With my dream body, car, new confidence etc etc.. And i wake up the next afternoon, try to be productive, forget about it, dream dream dream for the rest of the day.. and another week goes by like a second...


Please help me. What should i do? Can any one relate?? I just CANT find anything that will make me get up and start DOING and STOP THINKING, PLANNING and dreaming.. I feel disgusted and unhealthy. My quality of life is so much worse than it used to be..


Please i hope someone can tell me how to start working hard and stop wasting time. How do i do it? I cant find anything to help me. Has anyone been thru something similar? I just really want to stop sitting on my a$$ on my computer and really start working hard in all aspects of my life.


What is holding me back? what should be my first steps to recovery? What works? Whats wrong with me?


Thanks everyone 4 reading, good day to all..Look forward to hearing back from u.



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Your #1 priority should be getting a job...once you get the job that will force you to be more active because you will have a set schedule. So make job hunting your full time job right now...leave no stone unturned...send out resumes and pound the pavement...when a job search is done properly it should take up a lot of your time. Self-improvement books are good. You have done all the reading and reflecting and that is good...that prepares you for the actions that you will take. In order to kick yourself in the butt you need to be fed up with the way you are living your life now...and it sounds like you are...so look at yourself in the mirror and force yourself to start living your plans and goals. I don't know where you live but over here the weather is getting nicer...more incentive to get out there and walk. You just have to force yourself out of this slump.

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Well, I can relate to the procrastination theme of your post. I am always putting things off when I should be actively pursuing them before too much time passes. My advice would be to choose one goal (or dream) from your list and start focusing on just that one...for now. If you are trying to figure out how to achieve too many things at once it can become daunting and overwhelming. So, choose one, take whatever steps are necessary to get moving on that, and hopefully once you do this, it will motivate you to work on your other dreams as well. Good luck.

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