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Hey everybody, here are a few things I needed to get off my chest. I will briefly summarize my situation to keep things short.


My ex of 6 years left me 3 months ago and she entered a new relationship about a month ago. Right before Valentines Day. She had been semi-friends with this guy for a while through a dance club at our university. If you want any more information, just read my other posts (it would be great to hear from some of you on those threads too since I didn't receive many replies).


I am dealing with the grieving process wonderfully, although it has been an emotional roller coaster. I pretty much lost all of hope of reconciliation when I found out she was sleeping with this new guy. So, my question is why do I constantly feel the need to revisit certain times we had "good" sex to make myself feel better? It's like I need reassurance to make myself feel better. I wish I could just feel better without needing that reassurance. We were both each others firsts and she was my last. Obviously, I am not the last for her anymore. I feel like I have put sex on the pedestal over the entire relationship. I do reflect on what went wrong sometimes but definitely not as much as I reflect on the sex. What is wrong with me?

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sex to some people is something you do with the person you love.

you think of it because she was so special to you and it hurt's to see her jump into the sheet's with another guy after you two obviously had something special.

I am so sorry for what happened to you two it must be devastating I wouldn't know what to do if my b/f broke up with me b/c he was my first to

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You are just clinging to the good times and are trying to block out everything else. Sex was the time when the two of you were very close and loving so you are trying to remember her that way. One day you will fall in love with someone else and make new memories. When your mind goes down the road of remembering the sex with your ex, try to block it out and focus on something else in order to work on getting over her.

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