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It's nice seeing this forum again. I tend to pop up from time to time anymore, happening to see new faces. So why exactly am I posting this?


3/15 was my 6 months split for my ex gf. a lot has happened in this time and i feel that an update is in order.


back in september i was dumped hard. my ex gf of 2.5yrs dropped me out of the blue one monday afternoon. it was a horrible breakup. very confusing. she just "fell out of love" so she says.


well now it's 6 months after the fact.


in the past months things couldn't have gotten any worse between us.


Ever since the 2nd week after the breakup she started progressively talking more and more trash on me. If you check my previous posts you can get an idea...long story short I had to file a cease and desist letter from my lawyer to get her to stop slandering me...example: telling people that i abuse women, sell drugs, and call her every night at midnight threatening to kidnap, rape, torture, and kill her. It's that bad.


It didn't start that way. At first it was rubbing her new bf in my face, then it progressed.


I also want to add I've moved on in some ways. I've started dating a bit here and there. She has too. Within two weeks after dumping me she had a "brett" that she claimed she loved and dropped him after 3 weeks...then not even a month later she dates a "brent" for a month or two and then dumps him...currently she's single as far as i know.


anyways, this girl is crazy. My only advice from someone like myself is that you should move on and forget your ex. If they want you back they will come to you.


I should also mention I was 95% of the time these last 6 months strictly NC...the other 5% was a tad of LC.


and that's my update! maybe i'll pop up again 6 months from now haha.

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She did you a huge favor my friend. I would try to defuse the situation by ignoring her. She obviously needs to have someone in her life and is not happy with herself. From my experience, those people then are only happy when you and others around them are miserable because it elivates their feelings about themselves. How sad.

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