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sad poem I wrote years ago

big greg

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I found this poem that I wrote some years ago whenever I was feeling lonely, I had totally forgotten about it. The ending made me chuckle. Obviously I can stand it, because it's been years and I'm still alive!


I don't know how I got here,

like a blur through the past,

but the one thing I fear,

is how long will this last?

I don't know how long I can take it,

how long I can stand,

not having someone here by my side,

to gladly hold my hand.


I know you're out there,

you have to be,

I hope I can find you soon,

because this is taking it's toll on me.

What are you thinking right now?

Are you lonely too?

when are we going to meet?

and how will I know it's you?

Or have we already met,

and I'm only just a friend?

did I mess up a romantic connection,

that even time can not mend?


I want to feel your embrace,

like the warm sun from above,

but its been so long,

that i've forgotten how to love.

All of my friends have found the one,

and all I can do is watch,

They are living their lives and being happy,

while I'm nothing but a botch.


The reason I'm writing this,

a break from the sadness,

is to mend my broken thoughts,

or my empathy will become madness.

I know you're out there,

will I have to hunt?

cause if you're hiding from me on purpose,

then I'll stab you in the c*nt..

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