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should i worry ?


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ok me and my girlfriend have been having sex for a while.

She took a pregnency test yesterday just for good measure.


She just finished her first month on her pills. (Its some werid one where its like 3 weeks of pill then 1 week of nothing, im used to seing 3 weeks and 1 week of placebo so i guess its the same thing)


Now she just finished her last pill yesterday so shes starting the whole week of none this week


Today we had sex 4 times, And i used a condom during all three except like.



3-4 thrusts right before the 4th time was without then i went and put a condom on,


and once or twice between the 2-3rd time.




Should i be worried about pregencay at all?


(Like shes on the pill, and continueing takeing it but i was just curious if this week shes no on the pill does it mean shes got a high chance of pregencay or is it, just no pill because its useless to have one.


I did not cum inside of her without a condom, just scared that there is that like 0.1% of me having a bit of precum.

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So like during those 7 days should i avoid ejaculateing inside of her?


(i know i should avoid period) however if i was to engage in unprotected is there any more chance of pregencay during those 7 days?


Engaging in unprotected sex at any time is playing russian roulette. You obviously aren't ready to be parents so why even take that risk? Use a condom every time.

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