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what should i do?


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i have recently broken up with my boyfriend

we had been together for officially 5 months

but ive been in love with him for over 2 years.

he says he had felt the same.

and he says he still loves me and that he just needs time to clear his head.

but it all came so suddenly.

i really can't cope without him

but i don't know how long i can live like this

ive lost my appetite and i can't sleep


what can i do to get back with him?

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Ugh that sucks; I hate it when they say something like that! There isn't really a lot you can do to get him back, but one thing for certain is that chasing him and TRYING to get him back is not going to work. Try to continue on with your life. Do fun things even if you don't really feel up to it. And try to contact him as little as possible. He may or may not come back, but if you do this, you will be ok either way.


I'm so sorry; breakups always hurt so bad. Give it time and the pain will begin to subside. Even if you never get back together, you will eventually get over him and move on.

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You poor thing, using that phrase 'just want to clear my head' keeps you hanging on in the hope that when his head clears he will want you back. It's not very fair of him to say that. If you can find the strength to say to him that you agree and want a temporary break so you can sort yourself out (and mean it), this may well clear his head sooner than he thought it would! But please maintain your own identity and realise that you are a lovely person and he has got something wrong if he wants this option and you are worth more, take care.

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