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setting up a friend-too much-drama and secret


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ok i set up my friend i knew for a while now. hes always phoning me or emailing me on "hows the woman" or you find any girls yet. hook me up. he would talk about my job and this and that, but his main reason he phone call me was-do you have any hook ups. you can just tell by his tone of voice.

so i did right with this xchange japanese student i met at the library. i didn't like her and didn't felt i could date her or she was interested in me.

i introduce him to my friend. he went out with her and like her, but the thing is he would tell me how he doesn't like Yumi since she is too short, or how her friend named Eriko is better looking and he doesn;t want me to tell Yumi this. if Yumi wasn't around he would go for Eriko...

i told him i said i won't and i don't.


the thing with him is then he gets overly parnoid and cautious. he keep on harassing me to not tell Yumi this and that and what he said. i told him i won't. he even said if he finds out from Yumi since he talks to her. he would burn my house or......etc break my neck. i am not sure why this guy is so overly parnoid and scared as to why., i even ask him and he said b/c i don't now how to word things and i just say it as it is. well if you told me not to say it i won't say it lol duh


the funny this is i have set him up 4x's and not once has he set me up. i don't think he ever will though too.


he also get parnoid and worred and keeps harassing me abiout not to say negative things abiut him to Yumi-the girl he likes that i set him up wiht. i keep telling him i won;t and i don;t but he keeps harass me not to. he says if you do i will kick ur a***. woah nice hey for helping a guy out i get this.


he always say that i'm not being used since he helps me out too like - since i have no car, and he always using his car to drive us me and my other friend to snowshoeing, or to the gym., accross the border-we are in canada...etc which i don;t even really care to go-since i been before and didn;t really enjoy it , but for some reason he always insiist i go.

he say """well how about when i help you with when we drive you around with my car and my gas""", its not likle i am using you with having you set me up with woman.

at the same time i donl;t really care to go with him anyways.

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