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in a crappy mood, need to vent

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Im in such a crappy mood today! I was planning on sending my ex a truce email last week but decided against it because he should be the one saying sorry. I told our mutual friend about it and he told me that my ex doesnt think he did anything wrong... and doesn’t think that he will say sorry anytime soon to try to mend thing… and I obviously dont want my friends to get involved by having them talk to him for me. I just hate my situation... I also really wanted to go on this trip with them this year but my ex and his new girl also want to go... so if they end up being able to go then they will obviously go with our mutual friend .. and its not like they can say they dont want to go with them (which they have said they would rather go with me) cause they work in the same office and it would just leave tension at work which I dont want for them.. gaaahhhh I hate him!! I hate my situation! And I hate that I haven’t found anyone yet , and I hate that only guys that im not interested in seem to like me! why cant I just find someone compatible with me!!! Im not going to date someone just because they like me since thats what I did with my ex and it ended so badly!

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