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Nuvaring and Numbers question


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For those of who are on the nuvaring....I have a numbers question.


You put the ring in for 21 days, then remove for one week. The 21st day, when you remove the ring, is that "Day 1" of your one week? Or does "Day 1" without the ring start the next day (the first full day without a ring)?


Similarily, when you put the new ring in to start your 21 days, do you put it in on "Day 7" of your week without the ring? Or do you go one full week without the ring, and place the new ring in on what would be "Day 8"?


For example, my ring comes out on the 30th of March. Do I put a new ring in on 5th of April, or the 6th of April? And does that new ring come out on the 25th or the 26th of April?


Thanks for your help in advance!

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If you take it out on March 30 at 1pm, you put it back in on April 6 at 1pm.


The day you take it out is the first day, give or take a few hours because it takes approximately 3-8 hours for the effect of the birth control to wear-off, & 3-8 hours for the effect to kick in once it's place back in.

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