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Haven't adjusted well to new job thus far

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I was laid off from a small business/startup in late October. I landed a new job at a huge company in late January.


Long story short, it hasn't been an easy transition. Going from a laid-back environment to one in which your every move is being scrutinized is rather tough.


I'm starting to see what others had told me were cons to working for a large corporation -- the red tape bureucracy, office politics, etc.


The expectations are higher, the setting is more fast-paced, and the people seem harder to deal with. On a side note, almost everyone at the startup was about my age; here, you have people of all ages. The job at the startup allowed me to stay at my desk all day -- something I prefer to having to be out and about. This current job has me driving around quite often. I've also had to get accustomed to working only with women. Last but not least, I've had to come out of my comfort zone for this new job a great deal. I've been involved with photo shoots, event planning and other tasks I have not the least interest in doing.


Everything in life always seems to have its tradeoffs. The startup offered a great work environment, but the pay and benefits weren't that good. The current company offered me an excellent compensation package, but it seems harder for me to get up in the morning to go to work. This large company is well known in the community and thus has several sponsorships with other heavy hitters. Believe it or not, I preferred working for "the little guy" and evading the spotlight.


Has anyone been in a similar situation? Is it normal for it to take months to become well adjusted to a job? Is it possible that one never feels fully comfortable in a new position?

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I have worked for a mom/pop style company for four years and am looking to move, with my only options to start being government style operations. I fear exactly as you describe yet worse because I know they will not have the same ethics as I do for my industry.

It will be really hard to adjust yet I have to look at the long term. I will take months for me, no doubt yet. On the other hand, it will be easier because I know I will not be stuck there long term. I hope you can do the same, maybe be in a different fashion.

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It took me almost 18 full months to adjust to my current job. Even though I am 100% capable of the work itself, I had a hard adjustment to the work environment. I stuck it out, and I'm really glad I did. I feel like I have grown a lot by working through the challenge.


There's a saying among athletes... you train your weaknesses, not your strengths. If you're a baseball player and you're excellent at pitching but you can't catch to save your life, don't spend all practice pitching and only five minutes on catching. In a lot of ways, that's applicable to your employment. I personally think it's good to push your limits and work at a job that's only 95% perfect for you--because you will find the most personal and professional growth in the other 5% that challenges you.


On the other hand, if your job is so bad that you can't stand it, it starts affecting your home life, you're miserable, etc. then that's a sign that you've gone too far in the opposite direction and should look for something that's better suited to you.

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