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Worried about gaps in work history


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I left my last job about a month ago after I'd been there only 4 wks because I was miserable there and I had been in discussions with a previous employer about getting my old job back and it seemed like I would be able to, unfortunately now it is looking much less certain, but I am waiting to hear back.


If I can't return to my old job I will be job hunting but I am worried about the gaps on my resume..I am not going to put the most recent job on there, but the previous one before that I left after only 6mths and then went overseas; so without the newest one on the resume it looks as though I haven't had a job in 7mths and counting..I wasn't travelling for anywhere near that long, but I was thinking I might have to fib about the length of time I was away if they ask..

Previous to that I had quite a solid work history where I was with each employer for several years but they usually look at the most recent stuff.


Is it a huge issue? Any advice?

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You'll be asked about it, but it's not really a big deal unless you were spending that time in jail or something. If you've got a solid work history, it shouldn't be a problem. Now if there's a pattern where you had multiple jobs and only stayed at each of them for like 4-6 months, then that's going to be a huge red flag for them. But if the overall picture is that you held a steady job, then it's no sweat.

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It doesn't sound like it should be a huge issue. Keep in contact with your former employer, and see if there is anything you can do there. Since they wanted to hire you back I would assume you would get a fairly positive reference from them, which is good.


If time starts to tick by with no results, it would be a good idea to start volunteering somewhere (if that is possible for you).


Also, with the current economic climate, I would think it would looks less suspect if you had any recent employment gaps (as a lot of people are going to have some gaps now).

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I would be strait if I were in your position. The thing you need to maximize in your resume is the experience that you do have and what you have to offer that particular company. You need to specialize your resumes amigo per potential employer.


It does not really matter how long ago you did it, it's how you sell your experiences to them. They are looking to be sold so I would recommend finding a good resume expert and going from there. I have already given you a slew of good info.


Also, check out Monster resume forums. There used to be a great woman that would revamp your resume in excellent fashion at no cost to you. She's probably not there anymore but you can still get great input from Monster on Resumes.


It is not easy 2day. You gotta work to get work. You'll love yourself though when you do.

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with gaps in work history you should create a resume with a functional template (which uses 3-4 main skill sets) or a combinational template (if you have a lot of experience with other things/education). the idea is to highlight your qualifications and skills and to put less emphasis on where you have worked and between what dates. you can find many examples of these online.


I wouldn't sweat it. The year that i was laid off i work 10 jobs none of them made them on my resume. If they do ask I see gap of a year here, I tell them straight up I was laid off I work odd jobs here and there to pay the bills nothing of significance.


if it's that situation, say, you worked 8 jobs in 3 years, write something like this (example):


Work History

2003-2006 Office Assistant, City, State/Province


you can lump those jobs together by finding a common title or skill (it all depends on what things you actually did, for e.g. office help, cashiering, retail, customer service, etc.). you don't have to give the actual names of the workplaces in that case.

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well i think that happens to a lot of people, especially today with lay offs and all that. i'd say it's better to be honest on your resume about the length of time you worked somewhere but not too honest about your reasons for leaving jobs and whatnot- saying you were miserable with a certain company doesn't look good, you kind of have to work your way around it there. also if the issue comes up in an interview, do your best to steer the interviewer back to the work experience you have had rather than what you haven't.

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