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Am I setting myself up for trouble?


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So yesterday after my game I was approached by a guy... not just some random freak, he's a friend of a friend; however we have never really talked before but I knew of him. So we started talking and were soon joined by my boyfriend. Turns out they went to highschool together and have been fairly good friends since then.


The situation with me and my bf is kinda unique, since we both work together (we work at an indoor soccer place which is where I was playing) we keep our relationship on the DL whenever we are there (our boss told us to keep our personal lives out of work, so that's what we do lol) and no body knows were dating.


Anyways as I'm talking to this guy he is continually flirting with me, it was a little uncomfortable with my bf right there, but he assured me that that is just how this guy is. Fast forward to the end of the night and this guy asks for my phone number so I give it to him.


Would it be a bad idea to text this guy? Obviously I'm not interested in him but he was a pretty cool guy. Does the fact that my bf had no problem with him flirting (at times even making jokes that egged on his flirting) make it more ok? If it's gonna make my bf jealous then I won't do it, this guy isn't worth that lol so what do you think? Ok or not ok?

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Some people flirt with everyone--women, men, children, pets, young, old, and it sounds like your BF knows this guy's ID. If BF's not concerned about this, then you might find yourself enjoying a fun new friend.


If the guy ever makes you uncomfortable, deal with him directly instead of dragging BF in to fight your battles. You can draw lines with flirts just as you can with anyone else, sometimes they just need to be told, "Hey, let's ramp down that kind of talk, okay?" If he doesn't respect fair warning, then drop contact and dodge drama. Nothing gained or lost.


Have fun.

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