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OK. I've been unhappily single ever since a nasty break-up with my ex 4 years ago.(who humiliated me in the end by "revealing" that she used me, not to mention playing Miss Prude until she showed her true colors.) I tried to hit on chicks endlessly since then to no avail. I'm almost to the point where I think it's just no use anymore and think that i'm one of the unlucky few who will be single for life. Could someone help me before I become a woman-hater?

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LOL, sisterlynch ... I don't hate to be single. I have been happy single for so many years. It's just as of recent that I am thinking more of commitment. I am wandering around the path of dating now.


Sisterlynch is right though. If you project negativity, people respond to that. They will stay away from you, since you are negative. No one really likes that. My suggestion is to give out compliments left and right. Not just to girls that you do like... but also to those that you are not interested in. Your mind will change from 'negative' to 'positive'. I hope that will help you enough to find confidence to go back into the circuit again.


Good luck!!!


~ SwingFox ~

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