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I need my groove back.

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I have been single for two months now. And I have lost my groove. I use to be so cute, funny, and charming. But now when I talk to a guy I mumble and I have lost my "cuteness" and I am sure I come off as weird.


Does anyone have ANY tips on getting your groove back? Keep in mind when I was in my relationship I pushed ALL my friends away and now have no one... except a couple but the one has a little baby girl who needs lots of attention, and the other is already dating...



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A picture online on a dating site will get 5 million men interested quick! You will soon realize just how sexy you are.


Maybe that would help.


Take it slow for now. Sometimes we try TOO hard and it shows. But practice makes perfect. BEEEEE yourself. Even if you are "weird"....so what!!! You are Y O U.

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only 2 months?


That's hardley anything.


My advice is that if you are so desperate to get your goove back on in only 2 months, maybe you ( and forgive the cliche) need to work on being happy with yourself, by yourself.


I have friends that always feel they need to be with someone, or have someone show interest in them to validate their 'groove'


Problem with this is that yes, they might me someone, but really it is just anyone who shows an interest in them and then the cycle repeats.


Having said that, I do wish you good luck with getting your groove back on

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Ah! I understand. I remember when my magic wand stopped working. It was a humbling experience, and it felt like a bit of a rude awakening.


I started questioning the value of putting on 'the show' and whether the places it had lead me in the past were really places I'd really want to go anymore--whether people who'd be attracted to my best paste-on personality were the kind of people who would offer me substance and hold any interest in depth.


Going quiet and adopting more reserve allowed me to observe people better instead of entertaining them. I stopped making everything about me--who likes me, who loves me, what they think of me--and how they show it. I became less invested in showing off because I was genuinely interested in learning what I could give. I became smarter, kinder and more emotionally available to people who were real--people who were not interested in salesmanship.


Of course, I stopped attracting guys who wanted a show-girl. Good. Without knowing it, I had adopted a screening process for men who should pass early. This spared me time and certainly effort. Since discovering my own attraction to men who can see through superficiality, why would I want to step back into an old groove?


Head high.

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