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what is it and will it stop?


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Is it milky or clear? That would be both his cum and your lubricant. (mmm love juices)

A while- a half to full day in my guestimation. It also depends how much you stand up and are moving around. In my experience, go to the bathroom and bear down, (emm.. pooping helps.) A bit of a smell may develop, no matter how "clean" you are (this is a normal chemical reaction). Don't forget the shower!


Ps, I'm going back to 8th grade health here- don't forget the safe sex! If there are any unknowns- condoms!

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Are you on birth control? If he is using a condom the semen will stay inside the condom (and not in you), but if he is coming in you you will have semen drain out, but it also means you can get pregnant from the sperm in the semen.


If you haven't done so already, please google birth control methods and get yourself on condoms or the pill before you get pregnant.

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Welcome to sex. =P


Does it really bother you that much? I mean, sex is messy, sure, but it's nothing too major. If it's still coming out after a while, just stick a pad of toilet paper in your undies, or have a shower.


I gotta second the others on the BC front, I gotta wonder how old you are, and so the birth control aspect is particularly important to consider.

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